1. Scope of the guarantee – Unique Concept, ensures the warranty service of the appliances sold by it on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
2. Validity of the guarantee – The warranty is valid only when the purchase order (invoice or receipt) and the original, correct and complete (each field) completed warranty card are provided. The warranty covers only factory defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer.
3. Warranty Period – The Standard Warranty Period is 12 months. It begins to run from the date of purchase written on the cash receipt or invoice. All inverter motor ice cream machines have 3 years of factory warranty on the engine. The warranty period is extended by the repayment period.


• Damage resulting from transport or failure to observe the operating, storage and installation instructions of the appliance.
• External plastic and glass parts, external connecting cables and pipes, all separated from the main body of the appliance (eg tubs, cables, filters, heads, augers / mixers, etc.), all rubber (sleeves and seals) wear parts that are subject to accelerated depreciation, batteries and other parts with limited service life, as well as parts that have the character of accessories.
• Cosmetic defects related only to the aesthetic appearance of the appliance and not affecting its operation.
• Consumable parts (mixer / auger, head, levers, gaskets, pistons, belts, etc.)
• Cleaning and prevention.


• Incorrect installation, installation and commissioning of the appliance.
• If attempts are made to remove the defect from unauthorized persons. When attempting to repair, assemble, disassemble, modify, including software update from the user or adaptation by unauthorized persons or companies.
• In the event of a loss of the Purchase Order (invoice or cash receipt) or failure to fulfill one of the requisites of the warranty card.
• In the absence of conformity in the data between the product nameplate and the warranty card, as well as in the cases of removal or damage to the nameplate, which contains information about the type, model, product number and serial number of the appliance.
• Failure to comply with the instructions for use and / or misconduct of the product.
• For external damages such as power surges, non-standard supply voltages, natural disasters, accidents, floods, fires and other force majeure.
• If an outdoor unit enters the appliance, such as nails, pins, clips, buttons, ears, bananas, insects, cockroaches, liquids, dust in large quantities, accumulated limestone, etc., or if it is subjected to aggressive environments.
Unique Concept is not responsible for lost profits as a result of damage to the appliance covered by this warranty.
The visit of a technician is paid by the customer if no damage is detected.