General terms and conditions for warranty service



Thank you for trusting Unique Concept Ltd. The present guarantee is executed by Unique Concept Ltd. and is in compliance with Art. 118 of the Consumer Protection Act Prom., SG, no. 99 of 9.12.2005, in force as of 10.06.2006, am. and supplements, nos. The Commercial Guarantee shall be provided to the consumer in writing or on another durable medium accessible to him / her.

The warranty covers defects occurring during the warranty period due to poor quality workmanship or poor quality materials. The warranty is valid only if the defect has occurred during operation of the appliance and in accordance with the instructions for use.

The warranty is valid only upon presentation of the invoice / invoice issued on the purchase of the product and the original warranty card in the set of documents of the appliance, which contains a model and a serial number.

A warranty card with an illegible serial number, incorrectly or incorrectly filled in, or an invalid counterpart!

How to Claim: Claims under this warranty card are available at 0878 442224, each official business day from 09.00 to 18.00. Once your claim has been accepted, you will receive instructions on what action you should take to perform the repair.

The standard guarantee for ice cream machines for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is 12 months.



The warranty period begins to run from the date of purchase of the product. In case of discrepancy between those in the warranty card information (make, model, date of purchase, etc.) And data specified in issued when buying a product receipt (bill) to be considered valid data out in the receipt (invoice)
This warranty does not apply to:
2.1. Product consumables – all parts detachable from the main body of the product, including, but not limited to: tubs, plugs, cables, hoses, mixers, filters; all plastic, rubber and other wearing assemblies subject to accelerated depreciation.

2.2. Minor damage, including, but not limited to, scratches, cracks, discoloration, etc.

2.3. Minor damage to Teflon enamel and / or other special coatings. Damage to the product coating (paint) or the appearance of rust.

2.4. Worn components of the product, such as: plastic panels, plastic components, cladding, panels, axles, belts, rubber sleeves, bearings, etc. similar.

H. Free warranty service may also be refused in the following cases:

3.1. When the storage, installation and operation instructions specified in the product operating instructions are not complied with

3.2. In case of non-conformity of the technical data of the product (brand, model, serial number, etc.) indicated in the warranty card and / or the invoice and the identification of the product – subject of claim

3.3. In the case of interventions (scratches, corrections, deletions, attempts to change, etc.) on the serial number assigned to the product, including when the serial number is wholly or partially deleted.

3.4. When repairing or attempting to repair by unauthorized persons.

3.5. When the damage occurred:

3.5.1 due to the presence in the housing, systems, components and aggregates of the product of foreign incompatible with their structural schemes and purpose of their bodies, such as liquids, grease, lime, dust, metal parts, insects and the like.

3.5.2 under the influence of an aggressive external environment or due to the lack of care required by the device.

3.5.3 when the appliance is transported lying (not in accordance with transport requirements.)

3.6. When the defect is a result of shocks, impacts, mechanical or electrical overloads, obtained as a result of carelessness, during transport or natural disaster (lightning, floods, etc.)., If a power failure or malfunction in the power supply network or other force majeure circumstances.

3.7. When damage is caused intentionally or negligently

All products are shipped to the workshop by the buyer.
When transporting products by the workshop, the costs and risks of delivering the product to the workshop and vice versa are at the expense of the purchaser.
The service is not responsible for mechanical damage and scratches that occur during transportation and stay at the unit in service, where it is made by the purchaser without the original packaging.
The manufacturer, importer and workshop are not responsible for lost profits and consequent loss due to the defect of the product or its service.
In the case of replacement of parts, assemblies and parts, in the course of warranty repairs, the defective ones become the property of the workshop and the reporting department.
The warranty period does not run during the service period of the appliance.
In any case, with