What does the ice cream machine need and what does it require?
When repairing an ice cream machine everything starts with proper diagnostics. In our workshop we have equipment that allows you to easily detect the damage and identify the kind of repair that needs to be done on your ice cream machine.

The most common type of ice cream machine repair is a compressor change. This is a refined repair that requires appropriate conditions in a well-equipped service shop. This problem occurs most often when machines are 6-8 years old and are not prevented during this time.

Another common fault requiring ice cream machine repair is loss of hermetic and refrigerant leakage.

Repairing an ice cream machine is also required in the case of a damaged sealant, damaged insulation, damaged gearbox, damaged circuit board, damaged motor or electrical failure but these are relatively rare cases.

We offer warranty and after-warranty service on machines only purchased by us.

If necessary for the service, the transport costs are at the expense of the recipient.

The machine is sent to our service and, after being repaired, is returned to the owner for which a repair report is issued.

WE have spare parts for different kinds of ice cream machines.